Best compact elliptical trainers: 5 top picks for overall fitness


If you want to improve your overall fitness at the comfort of your home, try the best compact elliptical trainers.

Do you find it too cumbersome to go to the gym every day? One way to enjoy an enriching workout experience in the comfort of your home is to use a compact elliptical trainer. It is a simple and stationary exercise equipment that helps in performing low impact cardiovascular exercises, boost your stamina and strengthen your muscles. Using it well may help you burn calories and improve your stamina and strength. The mini elliptical steppers target specific muscles in your lower body, contribute to your bone health and improve your balance. We have compiled a list of the best compact elliptical trainers that you must include in your home gym to boost your overall fitness.

5 best compact elliptical trainers

The best compact elliptical trainers in India allow you to regulate the intensity of your workout, which helps you achieve your desired goal. Check out this list of the best compact elliptical machine for home:

1. MERACH Elliptical Machine

The MERACH Elliptical Machine has high-quality split crank and precise dust-proof bearings. It offers hyper quiet magnetic resistance and ensures an undisturbed workout environment. This machine features a flywheel that helps deliver enhanced resistance and boosts fat burning potential. The upgraded belt transmission structure of the machine minimises the vibration and ensures smooth movement. This compact elliptical trainer is crafted with high-density carbon steel which contributes to stability during intense workout. It helps you achieve your fitness goals with strength and reliability.

2. YOSUDA Compact Elliptical Machine

The YOSUDA Compact Elliptical Machine allows you to perform a low-impact but high-efficiency full-body workout. This compact trainer promises to protect your knees and joints while working your arms, core, legs and glutes. It has 13” strides that help you move forward and backward on the elliptical. This machine also lets you customise your workout intensity with 16 levels of resistance. Using the latest magnetic technology, this machine keeps the noise below 20 DB and helps create a peaceful workout environment. The machine comes with an LCD screen that helps you keep a record of your calories, distance, pulse, speed and time. The handlebar of the machine features a built-in pulse sensor that monitors your heart rate. Regular use of this non-slip, extra-large foot pedal exerciser offers a comfortable, smooth, stable and safe workout.

3. Stamina Inmotion E1000 Compact Strider

Try this mini elliptical stepper for exercise at home by Stamina. This under desk pedal exerciser is compact and portable. It promises to prove an effective and efficient cardio and muscle-toning workout. This lightweight elliptical machine helps target different muscle groups with low-attention leg exercise movements that help improve blood circulation. Designed with textured non-slip and caps, this machine helps hold your feet in one place. This machine is easy to store and carry, which makes it the best option to perform cardiovascular and lower-body workouts at your comfort.

4. ORBITREK Elite Elliptical Machine for Home Workouts

The ORBITREK Elite Elliptical Machine for Home Workouts is the perfect home gym equipment for overall fitness. This machine helps you exercise your arms, shoulders, chest and back. It delivers low impact movements to reduce stress on joints. Ideal for cardio exercises, this home fitness equipment promises to deliver forward and backward motion. It has a wide grip foot platform and adjustable resistance, which makes this machine a perfect home equipment. The built-in wheels and on-board motivational electronics makes this machine easy to store.

5. KitGody Under Desk Elliptical Machine

KitGody Under Desk Elliptical Machine is a perfect low-impact leg fitness equipment. It ensures a gentle workout, preserves your joints and helps in burning calories. Regular use of this machine also boosts your heart health and promotes leg recovery. This machine amplifies your muscle engagement and helps you customise your leg exercise routine. It features 5 manual speeds, automatic preset programs and targets different muscle groups. So, enjoy your workout session with this pre-assembled under desk elliptical machine and improve your overall fitness.

What are the benefits of compact elliptical trainers?

  • Improves your stamina: Mini elliptical steppers allow you to perform aerobic workouts that help strengthen your lungs, muscles and heart. This contributes to improved stamina and endurance.
  • Helps burn calories: Spending 30 minutes a day on this machine can help burn your calories and contributes to weight loss.
  • Reduces stress on the joints: It helps you continue your training session without caring about the wear and tear that comes with high impact exercises.
  • Supports upper as well as lower body workout: This home gym equipment helps target core muscles, triceps, biceps, chest, back, hamstrings and glutes. It evenly distributes the weight and resistance and helps improve overall fitness.
  • Targets specific muscles: It helps you change the resistance and incline, which allows you to target different muscle groups in your lower body.

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